Read more The Spot Fertilizer Applicator is designed to drop accurate, pre-calibrated and recommended amounts of fertilizer to different crop species. The operating principle is based on the ‘walking stick’. Hand pressure on the implement activates a series of spring loads and valves help in controlling the flow rate of fertilizer dropped into/onto the soil from a back pack carried by the operator. The implement has three main components; the back pack (fertilizer containing/holding compartment),...
Published On: 23 November 2014
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Read more Kavango Block Brick “KBB” is a revolutionary interlocking masonry block wall system that is used to build affordable quality houses based on accepted international standards. The KBB methodology is an accredited and accepted standard by the National Home Builders Registration Council of South Africa (NHBRC) recognised throughout the SADC region.
Published On: 27 June 2014
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Read more Indigenous natural products are a source of unique products with medicinal and pharmaceutical applications. This is because they have a wide range of secondary metabolites, which have activity that prevents or intervenes in the body’s responses to infectious diseases caused by microbial organisms or metabolic or genetic disorders such as cancer diabetes and hypertension. Our technology maximizes the beneficial properties of these indigenous natural products whilst minimising potential harmful...
Published On: 01 July 2014
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Read more Crop Multiplication System is a holistic agriculture system consisting of methodologies and agriculture equipment applied to increase yields from dry-land crop production in communal areas by up to fifteen times of current levels.
Published On: 27 June 2014
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Read more SMS Parking Payment is a mobile phone system that is both simple to use, convenient and saves time. Secure payment by mobile phone that is intuitive, regardless of the location or handset used. No contract, no registration. Simply enter vehicle registration number and send an SMS to a short code number.SMS Parking Payment enables motor vehicle drivers to pay for public and private parking fees by text message from their mobile phones.
Published On: 27 June 2014
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Read more eMenu improves the food and beverages ordering process, restaurant operations and creates a pleasant dining experience and environment. The eMenu allows restaurant owners to offer their patrons and guests a new and innovative way to experience and enjoy hospitality. Patrons place their food and beverage orders from a mobile device that connects wirelessly to the restaurant Point-of-Sale (POS). Restaurant owners and managers have the flexibility to update menu items and prices electronically...
Published On: 25 June 2014
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Read more The Smart Phone Queue Solution allows clients to view real-time status of queues in various service areas e.g. banks and to join those queues (take a ticket) from their smartphones. Equally, service providers also have real-time metrics of their queues to make informed operational decisions.
Published On: 26 June 2014
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Read more The Pit Latrine Dissolvent Powder dissolves faecal matter in a pit latrine. It works effectively when applied in the dry season killing harmful bacteria and dries the wastes to become charcoal-like.
Published On: 25 June 2014
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Read more Shimaingo 5 Rope Twisting Machine offers a method of producing ropes with the twisting mechanism involved in the rope production to operate from one centre along an axis. It is set-up in such a way that the frame support for the strand twisters performs two tasks in its rotation movement in the process (1) by contributing to the strands formation and (2) by winding the strands together to form rope continuously.
Published On: 25 June 2014
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Read more The Hybrid Geyser and Cook Stove innovation offers an integrated unit that efficiently use bio-fuels such as charcoal briquettes, wood pellets and biogas which are affordable, readily available and have lesser impact on both health and the environment. It is a green technology that is applicable virtually everywhere either for household or commercial purposes.
Published On: 25 June 2014
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Read more Tommy Time is a puppet programme for educating and entertaining children. The producers of Tommy Time are pioneering a new era of children’s programmes in Africa, with up to date videography and editing equipment, plus the training to use it. However it is the creative element of Tommy Time that sets the programme above any competitor.
Published On: 24 June 2014
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